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Imagine Plant Based Food Team.

Meet the team that's bringing the first week long plant based festival to SoBe.

imagine plant food festival

Who loves cauliflower tacos? How about a plant based mushroom pizza? You can now experience an entire week of plant based events through out South Beach coming April 2020 at Imagine Plant Food & Wine Festival.  Rae Indigo, co-founder of Imagine Plant Food Festival and director of World Yoga Institute always dreamed of bringing a plant based festival to South Florida and now it has become a reality. When asked why produce the event in South Beach, Rae replied “I wanted to produce a plant based festival that’s beautiful, sexy and unique, and what better place than South Beach. And because I am tired of going to plant based festivals that are at parking lots, sidewalks and non pleasing parks. When I visited Collins Park, I knew right away that I wanted our festival there, the trees are beautiful, it’s in the heart of South Beach, plus it’s across the street from the beach”.
Here’s what you can expect throughout the 5 day festival. April 22nd is the Kick-off party, the event 
that will set the tone for the entire festival. Guests will be treated with delicious bites from the Top Plant based chefs in the world while enjoying beats and drinks until midnight. April 23rd is the “Pizza & Taco” lovers evening, Chef’s will be competing to win the “Best Plant Based Pizza & Tastiest Taco” award. Guests will have the opportunity to sample each chefs dishes and at the end of the night, they will have the chance to vote for the top chef. April 24th, is the “Plant based” dinner event, 4 of the Top Plant Based Chef’s will treat your taste buds to a night of delicious plant based dishes and fine wine to compliment the dishes. Saturday, April 25th
is Festival Day at Collins Park! This open to the public Plant based festival day will feature a Chef
Demonstration tent, an Author/Speakers tent, a VIP Lounge area, live music, food and artisan vendors, a hammock area a lounge area and so much more. April 26th is the “Plant based brunch” which is the closing event for Imagine, guests will be spoiled with an unlimited amount of plant based dishes and organic wines and champagne. 


Rae Indigo


Rae Indigo is an international yogi, founder of a global school of movement arts and meditation, a professional recording artist and an event producer from L.A and Las Vegas. Rae has spent the last 20 years creating unique, tailored event experiences in music, arts, and wellbeing around the world in Bali, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, Switzerland, Chile, Japan, Germany and of course major U.S cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Miami.  She is known as a creative innovator curating each event with talented industry insiders and beautiful well received themes. Comfortable both on stage as a performer, MC, 
or lecturer, or behind the scenes producing and managing video and photo teams, seize the opportunity if you have the chance to experience one of her many creative events or courses.  Her newest creation, Imagine Plant Food + Wine Festival in South Beach Miami looks to be a synergy of healthy lifestyle, well being, music, art and most important of all, fun. Rae looks forward to spreading happiness around the globe in 2020 with Imagine Festival in Miami and Boston, her courses in Sweden, Peru, and Switzerland and with her online 
courses and outreach.


Diego Caiola

Business Development Director

Born in Argentina and raised in Miami Beach, Diego Caiola, 
Business Development Director for Cross Minded Marketing
Group has over 22 years experience in the Marketing field and 
has worked with over 350 brands in his extensive career. After
44 years Diego Caiola has decided to begin a Plant Based lifestyle
which fits in perfect for the festival. With Diego Caiola business
relationships in South Florida and having worked with over 50
festivals, he brings the experience needed to make this festival
a success.


Steve Maclaughlin


Steve MacLaughlin joined NBC 6 in February of 2017 as a meteorologist and climate change reporter and has been Vegan for over 10 years. MacLaughlin's career began as a weather intern for NBC 4 in New York City. He was later hired as a weather producer for NBC 4 and for NBC's "Today" show, where he worked with his mentor, Al Roker. After college, Steve worked for NBC 12 in Richmond, 
Virginia, then became chief meteorologist at WPHL in Philadelphia. From there, Steve spent six years at KXAS, the NBC-owned station in Dallas, Texas. MacLaughlin has also had the opportunity to fill in at The Weather Channel in Atlanta and PIX 11 in New York City. Steve has won four Emmy awards including Outstanding Weathercaster in 2019. He has been nominated a total of eleven times. Steve has also won an Associated Press Award for Best Weathercaster.
Steve graduated with honors from Rutgers University in 1998 with a degree in meteorology and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society.

Allen Campbell

Culinary Director

Allen Campbell, creator of Aphrodisiac Chocolate Chef's dinner for Imagine Plant Food + Wine Festival, Friday, April 24th.  Each dish will be infused with chocolate, from savory to sweet, a sensual journey of taste that will leave 
you feeling playful, joyous . Allen was the personal chef for Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen.  Allen's publications, menus and meal plans are unique to the culinary 
scene. His full spectrum of cooking styles focuses on nutrient-dense, raw foods in the warmer months, and heartier dishes that nourish the body in the colder months.   This “seasonal” eating mindset displays a wide range of foods that innately provide a variety of delicious options for all types of eating regimens. His new line of fully cooked meal plans, AC Kitchen , focuses on small batch, scratch cooking as well as tailored recipes to meet 
the needs of it's members.

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