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Angela Lewis the "Boss Lady" of Snowfall

Meet Angela the new breakout star of Hollywood.

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"Anything that I was doing my family was always very supportive of me."


C. I'm sure they are ecstatic when they see you 
on TV every week, is there a family gathering 
every week when snowfall comes out at your 

Yes, they do, they get together with the entire 
family and watched the show, my parents are 
definitely my biggest fans. 
D. What was your first big break the gig that you received that put you in the spotlight? 
It was definitely in the theater, it was a play I 
did called Hoodoo love, it was about this blues 
woman in the 1930s which she was an inspiring blue singer that fell in love with this guy who was a guitarist and a gambler , it was a beautiful play , I knew in that moment that I was going to make it, yeah that was the one. I knew right there and then I was gonna do it and I was going to do it big. It was a huge turning point in my career. It allowed me to have access to agents and managers and got my first manager from that play. 
E. OK so you're a tough chick in snowfall , you 
take no BS from no one, you are a “let's go 
kickass and go kill someone in snowfall”, you're tough, how does that relate to your real life?
I don't think of myself as tough at least 
not tough like the character in snowfall, you know I'm a softy , but I could definitely get off when I need to. My character in snowfall is a lot like my normal life, we both have a vision that we like to fight for. 
F. Is snowball filmed in Los Angeles ? And did you guys take a break during Covid?
Oh yeah we took a very long break almost a year and yes it's completely filmed in Los Angeles. I know that when we first went back to work my daughter was about four months and when we went back to work after covid she was a year in two months. 
L. So your husband is an actor too, has he been extremely supportive of your new fame? And how has it changed your relationship with him? 
It's definitely made us stronger, he is a successful actor so when any of us win it's a win for both of us , outside of our career we're just trying to build our life and raise our kids, and start to build some generational wealth and expose our daughter to as much of the world as we can. When I was pregnant he was also extremely supportive he went on the press tour with me so I would have some help, he would get me change he would 
change my shoes always there for me , he's amazing. 
M. Being a new mom how has that outlook in life changed for you? It just made me more of who I am I think I was always supposed to be a mom and the things that were important to me are still more important to me I just want my daughter to experience life from my perspective of freedom and choice and from my perspective of knowing herself and then she's connected to everything, every opportunity I can to allow that to sink deeper into her soul. 
N. Do you have any Mother's Day plans? You 
know that's so funny, when I think of Mother's Day , since I'm a new mom, I just think about my mom. As far as I know I don't have any plans yet but I'm sure my hubby will put something together he's a great planner and he's pretty spontaneous.
It’s the biggest show on FX, portraying the beginning of “CRACK” on the streets of LA in the 80’s. Drug and gang movies almost always focuses on men doing the dealing and heavy work, but now SNOWFALL has introduced us to  Aunt Louie, a tough, take no Sh** women that puts a scare into anyone that tries to mess with her. Aunt Louie on the show is no other than breakout star Angela Lewis, a funny, outgoing actress that is making a mark on tv. Let’s get know Angela, and see how SNOWFALL has changed her career/life. 
A.Tell us a little bit about yourself about your early years where did you grow up where were you born all that good stuff. 
I was born in Detroit MI born and raised on the East side. I studied performing arts in high school. I went to the University of Michigan and majored in Theatre and got my BSA, I then moved to New York and I was in New York for 13 years as a working actor I did theater and on Broadway and then I started transition into film and television then I got married and moved to LA and I've been in LA right now for about 6 years , I was in 
LA for two years when I was booked for snowfall .
B. How did you get into the movie industry? Was it something that your family was into or was something that you had a passion for as a young kid? 
It was a passion that I had I knew when I was three years old I wanted to become an actress, my family would take me to see plays and musicals, they were art supporters and I just really connected to what I was seeing and it was very organic for me. Anything that I was doing my family was very supportive of it. When I knew 
what I wanted to do it became very clear that I wanted to be an actor they didn't say no they were there for me all the time. They realized that this was more than just a hobby for me that it was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. They were really the wind underneath my wings. 


character in

Snowfall is

a lot like my

normal life,

we both have

a vision that

we like to

fight for ."

G. How's your relationship with the other actors, do you guys get along, do you treat each other like brothers and sisters, or you don't get along tell us a little bit about that? I love those guys, we have a really good relationship we all love each other we're a big family. 
H. OK now it's time for you to be real with me, does your man on the show wear a wig? 
Yes that's a wig he named it his wig name is Sheila.
I. Were you a big fan of John Singleton 
before the show? and how has his 
death affected you and affected the 

Oh yeah absolutely I was a huge fan 
of John Singleton before snowfall, the 
first time I met him was at the first 
table read and I was falling all over 
myself I was completely starstruck. 
He was a very down to earth guy and 
it's a huge loss. Did John Singleton 
pass away during filming? Yes he did 
J. Any new projects in the near future? 
I mean there is always a possibility of 
something coming down the pipeline 
and I'm auditioning just like any other 
actor , in the meantime I'm living my 
life and having a great time with 
snowfall. And as soon as we start 
filming I'm finding my next vacation 
spot I grab my husband and my babies 
and my passport and we're outta here. 
K. Have you ever been to South 

We've actually gone to Miami twice 
with the show and filmed snowfall 
twice in South Florida. Prior to the 
show I also went to Miami twice I love 
Miami I love South Florida

"It just made me more of

who I am, I think I was

always supposed to be

a mom."


O. I see you have mentioned before and I've seen a few interviews of you that you're vegan, so tell me what's your favorite vegan dish? 
Mmmmm, I always need on my dish kale , I have to have some plantains, I love Peppers not the spicy ones , my plate has to be colorful, I love colorful food. 
P. What advice would you give to a struggling actor? 
Don't give up, use your resources, I think as actors we often don't take advantage of things that are right in front of us and are in our fingertips, we sometimes overlook things, we overlook relationships, we overlooked things that we need to work on. This is why I think all actors, when they have a little downtime, should really work on the resume and add work on the reel. 
Q. Final question and we love to ask everyone this, where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
In 10 years I see myself with two children, I've gotten really good balancing life and work , self care but I'm not perfect but I'm OK with that, taking amazing vacations , and continuing to set up my future. I don't know what it's gonna look like but I know it's gonna be fabulous. 
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