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Bringing Art to Washington Ave.

Meet Ignacio, Uruguayan artist bringing art to South Beach.

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If you have visited South Beach lately, you have probably seen the mural on Washington Avenue of Prince, Gianni Versace, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Gleason, and we have one person to thank for that, and his name is Ignacio Marino Larrique. Born is Uruguay, Ignacio is the real deal, an amazing and talented artist that’s bringing more color and life to South Beach. Let’s get up close and personal with “THE MURAL ARTIST OF WASHINGTON AVENUE”. 
A. Tell us a little about yourself , where were you born, where did you attend school, etc.
I was born and raised in Uruguay, most exactly in Montevideo in 1982. My father and grandfather, both marchands and framer masters, owned a gallery back in the 80's, so my siblings as well as myself were nurtured by all the art environment of the moment. By the age of 14, I decided to start studying academic art, passing from teacher to teacher, learning how to master charcoal, watercolor, oil and acrylics, but most importantly, it installed in me the importance of observation of light. On parallel, I started architectural studies at the Uruguayan Public University of Architecture, from which I have learned important tools such as how to team work, and how to approach, display and present the projects to everyone else. In addition, I 
attend a career of Direction in Animation 3D providing me with a wide variety in software, enough to understand how the twenty one century works. You can find more about my curriculum, as well as the awards acquired through the years at
F. Any other local murals that you've painted?
Yes, I have made a few artworks here and there, among them, a neon Jimi Hendrix mural I painted at The Delano Hotel, a 
4000 Sq/Ft warehouse in the middle of Hialeah, and a 3D personalized mural in Wynwood could be the most noticeable 
as local. Also, my projection is not only local as I have performed artworks along the East Coast, and Europe.
Ignacio Marino Larrique

"The natural behavior of myself are my vision, my will, and my perseverance".


B. What made you get into the mural lifestyle?
All this combined have provided me with enough background to approach and pursuit a wide variety of projects, but the part I like most of making a mural is the opportunity to work 
with the community as well as learning from them on each interaction. The mural lifestyle came as a result of understanding what I like to do. It is my pursuit of trying to contribute with my grain of sand every where I go.

C. What artist do you look up to?

D. Do you have art training or is it just natural?
The natural behavior within myself are my vision, my will, and my perseverance; the rest is, was, and it will be about a constant learning, as same as is life to me. This way I will keep evolving.

E. How did you get the Washington avenue mural gig?
Back in October of 2020, this was an online contest that I happen to apply as well as other 56 artists, if I recall well. All in order to gain the honor of being the first muralist to exhibit their work across the whole avenue, as well as the opportunity to create the biggest mural in South Beach. Initially, it was minted to be only the front facade, but I new from the beginning the mural needed to cover the alley side 
as well, in order to recover all the lost space this building have been projecting to the community for the past three years or 
so. Then, when I receive the notice of being chosen, I decided to take care of the side wall, adding a new character to the design and giving the treatment the building deserved.

"My projection is not only local, as I have performed artworks along the east coast, and Europe".


G. Any new projects coming up for you?
Certainly, there were lots of opportunities that opened for myself after I landed this massive project in South Beach, nothing written on stone yet, but good enough to consider myself grateful. Just need more time for each project to develop, and there is one thing I have been learning by lots for the past seven years or so I have lived here and that is patience; all will come at the right time.

H. Where do you see yourself and your work in 10 years?

I. What are some of your favorite art pieces that you have created?
I most have to admit the last two artworks I have performed carved profoundly in myself, and yet, they were two completely different challenges. The first, it was a pentimento, the action of painting an artwork over an 
older artwork, from which I spent a month working for a private collector in Manhattan painting over an 1830 ZUBER wallpaper of 6'x8'. The second, is this mural in Washington Ave, it was by far the most complex but worthy experience I have been on charge with. I spent more than 550 hours performed by myself plus about 50 hours performed by volunteers, working on this massive 4000 Sq/Ft piece. Creating recognizable celebrities alongside to a highly transited pedestrian walk, handling heavy equipment for almost 9 weeks; all 
working with different “threedimentionalities” within the surface in order to make the mural more interactive with pedestrian and drivers as they pass by.

Ignacio Marino Larrique
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