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Miami Beach Life Magazine
Miami Beach Life Magazine
Miami Beach Life Magazine
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Moroccan Hair secrets

Atlas of Morocco to Miami: Chadia Ouqassou’s Moroccan Hair Secrets Revolutionize American Beauty


Chadia Ali Ouqassou understands a critical lesson that many of us forget; sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways. Beauty is timeless.

Born and raised in Morocco, to a Berber family, Chadia’s upbringing kept her in touch with her roots. Her close connection with her grandmother taught her a lot about traditional Berber secrets for luxury hair care.

Morocco is a humid, wind-swept, sun-baked country with driving blizzards and radical seasonal change. In this harsh environment, the women of Morocco had to work to keep their hair- the symbol of their world-renowned beauty- thick, strong, and healthy. 

Chadia’s grandmother would treat Chadia’s hair with traditional Barbary Fig Seed oil blends. Over time, Chadia came to realize just how powerful this oil really was. Even in the most unfriendly weather, her hair stayed as black, solid, and silky smooth as ink. 

moroccan oil.jpeg

Though she didn’t know how, she already knew, in her heart, that she had to share this secret with the world.

As she blossomed into a young woman, she realized that knowledge is just as important as beauty. She attended the prestigious Al Akhawayn University, getting her undergraduate in logistics and finance. She made the bold decision to move to the United States for her MBA, and to turn her dream into a reality.

She made her way to Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida, where she refined her talents with rigorous study, pursuing her MBA. Warm, lively, and beautiful, Miami almost felt like home to Chadia, who fought homesickness by spending time with Moroccan friends and enjoying traditional couscous dishes. 

With the passion to share her cultural secrets, and the knowledge to be a successful entrepreneur, Chadia knew she was ready. This was when she launched her Amazighen brand of traditional hair care and beauty secrets.

Though it took years of planning and work, she’d finally made it a reality- here in America, she could bring the time-tested traditions of Moroccan hair care to women all around the world. 

Today, as CEO and founder of Amazighen oils; Chadia’s mission is to keep her brand authentic and connected to her roots. The foundation of Amazighen is Chadia’s deep connection with her Berber heritage.

Chadia and her team share hair care tips, styling advice, and information on their signature oil blend at and on Instagram : @amazighenoils

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Top Eyelash & Brows in Sobe wants you to get Sultry

Fashion and Beauty changes every year, with new products, new companies and new look. One thing that hasn't changed is the amazing work provided for the past 8 years at Sultry Eyes Lash Studio. Founded by Alexandra Briand in 2007, Sultry Eyes Lash Studio has become the Top Lash Studio in the country providing services to many celebrities and south florida residents. No these aren't the inexpensive (cheap) lashes that you glue on at home in front of your mirror, these are individual lashes that makes your face light up with every lash. Always offering the latest trends, Sultry Eyes Lash Studio is offering Volume Lashes and Microblading, what is Microblading? Microblading is a process where the stylist fills in your brows by tattooing brows for a thicker more filled in look making it look like your own hair. For an appointment call 305.535.6887

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The Hair guy to the celebrities and locals.

If you live in Miami Beach or are into hair, you already know who Gustavo Briand is. Known as one of the Top Stylist in South Florida, Gustavo Briand taught by Vidal Sassoon in Europe (yes the Vidal Sassoon), has a reputation of transforming peoples hair into a work of art. With numerous local and international celebrities, Gustavo has tuned into the "Go to Guy" for beauty in south beach. For an appointment call 305.673.3600

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