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Nossa Omakase food experience South Beach

It's the food meets art once in a lifetime experience.

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Remember that incredible restaurant you ate at which was “top-notch” and was the best meal you’ve ever had in your life. Remember that? Well multiply that by 10 when you visit Nossa Omakase. Yes there’s a lot of great restaurants on the beach and yes, the selection is first class, but Nossa Omakase is an entire separate experience. It’s not only a journey into your taste buds, but also a speakeasy experience with red doors, and private pass code. When I booked our dinner I received an email to show up at a location around 1600 block of Collins Avenue. When I arrive, I entered a lobby with a young lady behind the counter. She already had my name, I was told to have a seat, and I will be given further instructions. As I sat waiting all I was thinking to myself was “this is not a restaurant, where is the food, and I’m starving”. Shortly we were handed a package, inside the package was an envelope and inside of the envelope there was a note with instructions of how to get to the dinner location. The journey took us about one block away towards the alley behind the building. There we would find a red door as mentioned in the letter, we knock three times a small window on the door opens they requested a passcode. We gave the passcode, suddenly the red door opened into a small speakeasy bar with four couples having drinks waiting for the food experience to start. After a drink, and mingling with the other customers, a double door opens into this large room with a very well lit dinner bar in the middle, with three chefs, greeting us with sake and drinks. That’s the exact moment I knew that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. The menu well, there was no menu. All we were told was that we were about to eat the most exclusive and exotic dishes in the world, and they weren’t exaggerating. The three chefs repaired and created every dish in front of us while giving us a short intro on the dish. We cannot mention one dish, why? most were very exotic fishes that weren’t from the region and were very rare and as I mentioned, there were no menus. After the 12 to 14 course dinner experience, we finished off the evening with some of the best coconut ice cream I have ever tasted. Let me warn you. This is not an inexpensive experience, and remember that this is not just dinner. This is the type of dinner that cost a little bit but you’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life, and not to mention we met some fascinating people at this dinner. If you can, I urge you to try this restaurant. It is a big winner for anyone trying to impress that special someone and for any type of occasion or holiday. I have never experienced this type of restaurant before, But I sure hope I will again, soon.  305.539-9711
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