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Compass Margaritaville

An incredible new resort at Ana Maria Island that will have you coming back for more.

If you are looking for a southern comfort, northern Florida resort , with an amazing tiki hut, beautiful pool and a new hotel with tons of southern charm , Compass by Margaritaville is your spot. Located at Ana Maria Island, this gem of a hotel is a perfect spot for a quick getaway with the family. We knew our stay was going to be amazing the second we walked in, the lobby was welcoming and refreshing with beautiful rocking chairs swings in the lobby, a beautiful view of the gulf and an attentive and caring front desk staff.
When we entered our room the first thing that hits us is the “new hotel “ smell , everything is new, colorful and fun. Beautiful “beach” artwork all over the room gave it a feel of freedom and fun all at once.
Once we got changed , we hit the pool, the pool is super relaxing with hammocks, sofa style beach cabanas and one hell of a big pool bar. The pool bar is more than a “pool bar”, it’s a huge tiki with some of the tastiest fish on the island. And now that we are on the food subject , their breakfast has to be the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had. I mean they had a huge selection, everything from French toast , to pancakes, home fries , eggs and so much more, and the best part, “ it was free” , all included in the hotel rate.
Did I mention that this property is a 1 minute drive to one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Florida? Trust us, Compass Margaritaville needs to be on your next "vacation list" for 2021. Safe Travels!!!
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